Forex Trading Journal Benefits

Forex Trading Journal Benefits

Hello readers and subscribers. It’s been a while since I published a blog post here. It has been very hectic on my side. I hope you’ve been keeping well. I am currently in the process of changing form in terms of how I have been offering my private lessons. I am excited to announce that I am setting up an online school where anyone can access my courses.

The past 13 years that I have been trading the markets have taught me valuable lessons that I have been sharing with my trading community via my social media platforms, this blog, App and Podcast for free. My focus has been on trading psychology which is one of the reasons why there’s so much failures in the markets. I also started a podcast focusing on trading psychology.

Why So Much Failures In The Markets?

A lot of times, traders put more effort on working on strategies while neglecting themselves. I also
fell into the same trap of spending more time working on strategies. I kept on switching from one strategy to another. It was until I realized that I was the problem and I needed to fix me. I have published a podcast episode on this topic, you can listen HERE.

It took me wasting 3 very costly years of my trading career to finally understand that. I am often asked how did I gain such level of discipline and consistency in the market that is constantly devouring traders. My answer to that is very simple, I stopped focusing on strategies and started to focus more on developing myself.

What Did I Do To Change The Situation?

One of the things that helped me stay focused, disciplined and consistent, was keeping a trading journal.
I think it was around 2014 when I started using one. I would just take a normal notebook and note down all my trading activities and it helped me greatly in terms of keeping track of my progress. It also helped me shift my mindset and start to view my trading account as a serious business and an investment instead of looking at it as some cash cow.

8 years later, I have now decided to publish a digital Forex trading journal because your girl also wants to move with times. It has been a week since Forex With Ntombi digital Forex trading journal has been published and on sale. I have been receiving lots of questions regarding who it is suitable for. I decided to pick the most frequently asked questions and answer them on this post. Below are the most asked questions and their answers.

Is Forex With Ntombi Trading Journal Suitable For Beginners?

Definitely, as I have mentioned above, it really helped me shape up and managed to keep track of my trading activities and to actually stick to my trading plan. I actually wish I started earlier. Journaling helps you form habits and stick to your program. I am a very big fan of journaling, I also keep a gratitude journal and a self love journal.

Just like any other journal, this trading journal is your personal space. I also used a journal to keep track of my eating habits and it made it possible for me to stick to my diet and I was able to reach my body goals faster. I have records of how I did it, the foods that are not good for my health and weight. I know this because I journaled everything.

Is The Trading Journal Suitable For Demo Trading?

Yes, I would say that one must start using a trading journal as soon as they start trading on a demo account. The main aim of trading on demo before using your real money is to practice and get a hang of it before you start investing. So if you start implementing all the good behaviors right from demo level, it will be easier for you to teleport those good behaviors and principles into your real account. A trading journal does not only help you with planning, it also helps you to stick to your plan. So using it while on demo is definitely recommended.

Is The Trading Journal Suitable For Any Trading Strategy/Method?

As I mentioned in the beginning that journaling helps you stick to your plan (whatever the plan is). I used journaling to help me stick to my eating plan. So, a trading journal is there to help you plan and stick to your trading plan. It also helps you identify areas that need improvement. This is applicable to any trading method or strategy. A trading journal is for you to note down all your trading activities as well as track your progress. So the answer to this question is definitely a big YES.

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3 Reasons Not To Increase Lot Size

3 Reasons Not To Increase Lot Size

How To Choose A Perfect Lot Size.

Hello readers and subscribers, welcome to today’s post. Choosing a lot size should be based on the size of the account which is the trading capital. When you have decided on the lot size/volume, your next step is to ensure that you stick to it as long as your trading capital is still the same. It is much easier to implement these principles when you view your trading account as a business and not just a cash cow. I have published an episode on my podcast on this topic, you can listen to it HERE. Below are the 3 reasons why you should not increase your lot size.

1. You Are Too Confident.

I used to do this one a lot. I would increase my lot size when I felt more confident about a particular trade. A lot of traders do this as well. One would increase the lot size when they feel that they are sure that the market would go a certain way. That is a very dangerous way of thinking because when it comes to the markets, we are never sure and we cannot control what happens in the markets. The good thing though is that we can always control ourselves. By all means, never increase your lot size based on how you feel.

2. Your Account Has A Draw-Down.

A Draw-Down means you have lost some money in your account. Say you started your account with $1 000 and you have lost $100 and you are now left with $900, you account has a 10% draw-down. You have no business increasing your lot size when you have lost some money. Revenge trading is very dangerous. Never trade with the aim of regaining your lost money.

If your increase your lot size after a draw-down, you are not different from someone who just lost an income but instead of moving to a smaller house while they find ways to make an income, they instead plan to move to a bigger house where they will be required to pay more, it really doesn’t make sense. You do not upgrade until your finances are upgraded. By all means, never increase your lot size after a draw-down.

3. You Have Reached Your Daily Target.

Reaching daily targets is very nice but should not be a reason to increase your lot size. As much as minding your daily target is good, try not to focus more on what you can achieve daily but rather pay more attention on closing your books on a monthly basis because days are not the same and sometimes there are days when there won’t be any trading opportunities, you don’t want to be discouraged because of that. It also doesn’t mean that you will never reach your monthly target if you don’t reach your daily targets. The best way to measure your progress is at the end of the month. By all means, never increase your lot size just because you have reached your daily target.

When Exactly Should You Increase Your Lot Size?

You can only increase your lot size when your trading account has grown. Only then, does it make sense to adjust your lot size. Even when you do, try not to increase by a lot but just a little bit. I have published a more detailed audio version of this post on my podcast and you can listen to it HERE.

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How To Trade Dax40 Index

How To Trade Dax40 Index

What Is Dax40 Index?

The Dax40/Ger40 formerly known as Dax30/Ger30 is an index that consists of the 40 major German blue chip companies that are listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and it measures their performances. The Dax was founded on the 1st of July 1988. It had 30 companies hence it was called Dax30/Ger30. It has since expanded to 40 companies in 2021 and now called the Dax40/Ger40. The addition will give traders and investors an opportunity to gain more exposure to the German financial markets. The Dax40 is considered a strong measure of German and European economic health.

What Is Stock Index Trading?

Stock index trading is when you are trading a basket of stocks which makes up an Index. Stock Index trading is less time consuming as you are not required to study each company. You can trade the Index on your Forex trading platform and do it through an instrument such as the Dax40. I have published blogposts on how to trade Ftse100 and Nasdaq.

Some Of The Companies On Dax40

  • BMW.
  • Adidas.
  • Porsche.
  • Puma.
  • Airbus.
  • Deutsche Bank.
  • Siemens.
  • Volkswagen.
  • Continental.
  • Mercedes-Benz Group.

What Economic Factors Influence Dax40?

  • Monetary Policy, performance of the companies on the index and geopolitics.

The change in Interest Rates plays a big role in currency valuation. The Release of Interest Rates and Monetary Policy statement by the European Central Bank (ECB) affect the price of Euro. When Euro weakens against USD, Dax40 strengthens because German exports are paid for in USD and they cost more because of the exchange rate. When Euro strengthens, Dax40 falls, they have a negative correlation.

It is very crucial to understand that all financial instruments do not just weaken or strengthen, there’s always a fundamental reason why they react in a certain way. When you have decided to invest your money in the Forex markets, understanding how the markets work should be your priority.

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Mental Endurance In Forex Trading

Mental Endurance In Forex Trading

What Is Mental Endurance?

Mental endurance is a measure of individual resilience and confidence that may predict success in sport, education and the workplace. SOURCE: Wikipedia.

Welcome back, it’s been a while since I published a blogpost here. Mental endurance is also the ability to exercise inner strength to be able to deal with life’s daily challenges. As a beginner trader, you are likely to face challenges as you work towards gaining that much needed trading experience. Being able to navigate through those challenges without giving up, will require mental endurance. For the sake of this post, I will assume that you have learned how to trade and you are at that stage where you feel like it is not happening as quick as you have anticipated.

Why Must We Develop Mental Endurance?

I have seen people who always start projects and give up along the way and never see them through. I have done it as well so many times in my life. In this case I can say that Forex trading is definitely not one of them. This year marks my 12th year in the markets. If it was, I wouldn’t be here today sharing with you. When we lack mental endurance, we give up easily.

Most traders are introduced to Forex trading as a quick and easy way to make money without putting in any work or effort, I was also sold that dream. When they finally unlearn that, they give up or even stop learning and instead choose to get involved in Forex pyramid schemes which always end badly. Since mental endurance is about exercising inner strength, below are the 2 things that you can do to activate that inner strength. I am only sharing these two because I know that if you can start there, you will know what else to work on.

Change Your Beliefs About Trading.

I know this may sound a bit weird, but most people who are trading do not believe that they can actually make money. Sometimes they do believe that there are opportunities to make money in the markets, but they don’t see themselves being among those people who can benefit from those opportunities. There is so much fear and doubts. This is caused by what most people have experienced, the scamming etc. They then come to the markets carrying all that baggage. To make money, you must believe that you can and it is possible.

I did a podcast episode on the importance of personal development in Forex trading because we trade better when we behave better. That is what trading psychology is all about, it is about how we behave in the markets. Since we cannot control the markets, we might as well control what we can, ourselves. You can listen to that episode HERE.

I also published a very practical booklet to help instill positive beliefs about money and Forex trading. When your beliefs are shifted to the positive side, your results will be positive. You can purchase your softcopy of “Shift your Mind, Shift your Money” booklet for only $8 HERE. Scroll down towards the end on that page and click the “BUY THE BOOK” button. You can buy without having an existing Paypal account (just read through the instructions on the purchase page) Should you need any assistance, kindly WhatsApp me on +27 78 144 6851.

2. Understand That It Won’t Happen Overnight.

When you understand Forex for what it is and not as a cash slot machine, you will also understand that it is going to be a process just like any other business and you will have to fall in love with that process in order for you to see progress and growth in your trading. Falling in love with the process means you understand that you will make mistakes, you may struggle with self control and you will be fearful sometimes. All these are the common challenges that you can easily overcome. I also went through most of these challenges. I can tell you one thing though, it does get better with time and experience.

Thank you for stopping by. Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section and kindly share this post to help me reach as many people as I can who may benefit from this information. Please do take care and stay healthy and safe.

Do Not Park Money In Your Forex Account

Do Not Park Money In Your Forex Account

Why You Should Not Park Money In your Forex Account?

Hello subscribers and readers, welcome back and thank you for stopping by. By parking money, I don’t mean funding your trading account and not trading it. I mean when your account is funded and you are trading it and making profits, do not just leave it in your trading account. Below are the few tips on how you can utilize your trading profits.

Let Your Account Sustain Itself

Now let’s be honest, when you are employed, you allocate transport money from your salary. Your trading account should be able to do that for itself as well. When you take data/Wi-Fi off your budget and let your trading account take care of that, you will feel so great. This is the first one to do, it shows that you are winning and you are moving.

Start A Business

In this case, I would look at the trading account as an investment. When your investment grows, take a portion and put it towards starting a business or growing your existing one. Every end of each month, you’ll need to close your trading books, see how you did and allocate a certain percentage towards growing your business. You can do 10%, 20% or whatever amount that you see fit. That percentage amount should be the same every month. This will not only help you grow your money but it will encourage you to take your trading account more seriously and treat it like an investment. As your business grows, invest some of the profits back to your trading account and keep repeating.

Invest in Shares

If you are in S.A, you can invest in shares using reputable brokers. From your trading account, allocate a percentage that will go towards your share portfolio. Investing in shares is long term, grow your portfolio by using your Forex money.

Buy Something For Your House

Yes I said it, buy something that you will always look at and be proud that you bought that with your trading money. Just like when you start working, it feels so good to look around and see a new microwave that you bought with your own salary. That sense of ownership will encourage you to always do your best in your trading account so you can acquire more. A happy trader does way better than a frustrated one. By all means, do things that makes you happy.

Grow Your Savings or Emergency funds

Allocate a percentage towards your savings. When you have grown your emergency funds/savings account or your tax free account (if you are in S.A) you will feel so proud and be more encouraged to do well in your trading account so you can allocate more. You can make your own list of things that you can do with your Forex money. This post is for someone who is making profits but just keeping them in the Forex account. I recently did an episode on my Podcast covering this topic. You can listen HERE. Thank you for stopping by. If you think this is an eye opener post, please share with your peers and feel free to leave a comment.

Personal Development In Forex Trading

Personal Development In Forex Trading

What Is Personal Development?

SOURCE Wikipedia: Personal development consists of activities that develop a person’s capabilities and potential, build human capital, facilitate employability, and enhance quality of life and the realization of dreams and aspirations. Personal development may take place over the course of an individual’s entire lifespan and is not limited to one stage of a person’s life. It can include official and informal actions for developing others in roles such as a teacher, guide, counselor, manager, coach, or mentor, and it is not restricted to self-help. When personal development takes place in the context of institutions, it refers to the methods, programs, tools, techniques, and assessment systems offered to support positive adult development at the individual level in organizations.

The Importance Of Personal Development In Forex Trading.

Forex trading is not only about learning certain trading strategies. A lot of traders have amazing trading strategies but they still fail. Trading is more about being able to manage ourselves. The best way to manage our trading accounts or money is to manage ourselves. A trader who works on themselves finds it easier to navigate through challenges. Below are the few areas that one can develop as a trader.


If there’s one thing that a trader needs, is patience. Patience to analyze and to wait for a perfect setup before executing trades. As a trader you will also need to be very patient with yourself and give yourself time to learn and gain the necessary experience. If you are an impatient person in all other areas of your life, you are not going to suddenly switch to a patient person instantly especially in your trading. You will keep on messing things up in your account until you work on yourself and fix your patience levels. As a teacher/mentor/coach, I also do a lot of personal developments. Patience is one of the areas that I had to look at because it would be impossible to teach without it.

Gambling Addiction

Over the past few years, I have taught, mentored and coached people who come to me with different challenges. A couple of times, I had mentees who were addicted to gambling, they would spend weekends at the casino. No matter how much I tried to help them stop gambling with their trading account, they would still gamble. It was only when one person who had the gambling challenge told me that they are getting help because it has been a problem for so many years and it has affected his business and marriage. If this person did not work on that problem, he would have lost a fortune in the markets.

Self Control

Some people need to develop this area. If you lack self control, you are likely to struggle with keeping your profits. Most people make money but at the end of each day or week, they give it all back to the markets because they just couldn’t stop. They kept on going back for more trades even when they have made their target. Until such a trader works on their self control issues, they will keep on donating to the markets. Check out these VIDEOS here and avoid such mistakes.


In 2019, I published a blog post on how to build self confidence, you can check it out HERE. When it comes to confidence, one may have confidence in other areas but lack confidence in trusting self or making decisions. This can also be worked on through personal development. If you always end up loosing opportunities because you are lacking self confidence, this can be fixed. I only shared a few just to give you an idea. You can search for more areas that need to be improved in your own life and start working on those. The person that you are cannot be separated from the person who trades. I recently published an episode on my PODCAST on this topic.

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