What Does “Begin With The End In Mind” Mean?

To begin with the end in mind means having a clear vision of what you want to achieve and it also means that you hold the desired outcome in mind as you implement the strategies to get there. Today I decided to share a few steps on how to do that. Welcome to the first blog post of 2022, I am glad you are alive and here reading this post.


Gratitude is an appreciation of what you have and that is the best way to attract more of it. I believe you do keep a trading journal where you note down anything that you feel is important. If you have no idea how trading journals work, you can listen to this podcast episode HERE and get your trading journal right away because you will need it for this very practical blogpost.

I want you to begin your 2022 trading by writing down the following: “today is the (insert date when you are reading this post) and I am so grateful for my profitable live trading account that gives me consistent income”. Writing this down will make you appreciate it.

What Did I Do Differently To Become Profitable?

Remember you are starting your 2022 trading with the end in mind. I am aware that some of you may be reading this blog post and you just had a margin call or your account is having a serious drawdown. The aim of this exercise is to align you with the results that you want to achieve with your account in 2022. Ignore the fact that you are not profitable now (if that’s your case) and just do the exercises. Please make sure that you write these in your trading journal.

A Few Examples Of What You Can Write That Led To This Success

  • I followed my trading plan.
  • I read more to understand what really moves the markets.
  • I exercised more patience.
  • I only traded when I had enough time.
  • I worked on myself and focused on being more disciplined.
  • I never traded when my setups were not met.
  • I implemented everything that I learned as is.
  • I believed in myself more.

These are the few things that you can think of. As you write these down, you will notice that more will come up and if you’ve been trading for a while with no success, you’ll automatically think of how you should have applied these things in the past years of your trading.

What Did I Let Go Of?

Again, remember that you are doing these exercises because you want to start with the end in mind. This is not about self judgement.

A Few Examples Of What You Might Have Let Go Of

  • I stopped doing random trades.
  • I stopped following random trading signals on social media Forex groups.
  • I stopped discussing my trading account with friends because it added unnecessary pressure to my trading.
  • I stopped using bigger lot sizes that my account could not handle.
  • I stopped switching from one trading strategy to another and I focused on polishing what I have learned.
  • I stopped treating my trading account like a casino slot machine.

I don’t know what you’ll have in your mind, you can use my examples to inspire your own list. If they all resonate with you, it is also OK to use them. Just do whatever will work for you.

Your 2022 Trading Goals

Now that you know how the end looks like (the end that you want align with) you can then write down the following questions and answer them:

  1. What do I want to achieve with my Forex account?
  2. Why do I want that?
  3. How will it make me feel?
  4. When do I want it?
  5. What am I willing to do to get it?

I have never published a blogpost of this nature. Today’s blogpost is very practical and it will require you to do the work. If you do the work as suggested, you should have your clear short/long term trading goals.

Thank you for stopping by and reading this post. I will do an audio version (podcast) of this post as well. I hope you will manage to apply these. Please subscribe, share this post and leave a comment to share your thoughts. I have published a booklet to help you align with what you want to achieve in your trading. The booklet is very practical and it will require just 3 minutes of your time twice a day to do the affirmations to align with what you want to achieve with your trading account. You can check it out HERE. Please note that you don’t need to have a PayPal account to purchase, you can purchase with your bank card (see instructions when you get to the page). Should you get stuck, feel free to WhatsApp me on +27 78 144 6851.

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